[Brandy's Software] Scary Land 1.5 is a total rewrite I am happy to inform you about!

  • From: Brandy Hendricks <brandy.hendricks@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 18:53:05 -0500

I have started rewriting Scary Land 1.5. I am running Windows XP in a virtual machine, so I was able to use a program to create text-based games, called ADRIFT. There is a program available for Linux and Mac users which will allow them to play games created with this as well. There is also a program available where I can convert the file for this text adventure to work with another program called Inform. Once this is done, once I select the interpreter I want people to be able to use to play this game, I can also make it available that way.

Here's a list of new stuff I will be adding to the game.
Sometimes, your opponents may now try to follow you.
Some rooms will have tasks which you can now type in to go to the room.
Some rooms will now have keys you will need to find to be able to unlock the room so you can enter. This will bring a more interesting feel to the game, such as, in some cases, a door could be locked, and you need to find the key to unlock it.
The story has been rewritten with some new events.
When the game first starts, you will be prompted for the name and gender of your character. This makes the player feel like an actual part of the story. Your character is the narrator in the story and will explain everything to you We will soon have an email address set up, as described at the beginning of the game in the introduction, where people can send their bugs with the game, or request features to be added.
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