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 Actually I played most of the mall scene "blind" for about the first like 5 minutes.  I didn't hear the dialogue about the balloon so I was trying to find a kid in that sea of people it was kinda freaky.  Then Brandon mentioned the balloon and I was like oh! Kid with a balloon kid with a balloon then I found that kid that wasn't him! I was like omg!  Now chelle stayed with him somehow it was kinda cool.  And yes while if you don't get a button press right it may affect the game later on but it does not mean that the blind cannot play this game.  Now as I said before to see all the paths the game has to offer you'd need a FAQ.  But this isn't the normal situation where you guys will get stuck and the game will not progress.  That is generally what you guys call a game that's unplayable.  So to answer people's questions about it, yes this game is playable.  And I clarified what I meant by it in previous emails.  You CAN play the game independantly.. you can get to the end of it independantly.  Can you unlock all the options to the game independantly? No but is that better than not being able to play it at all?  I'd say yeah but then again I'm not very far in the game. 
I also tend to be a bit crazy when it comes to games LOL!  I've had Brandon do some things he thought was impossible for him to do.  Like defeat Krea in Knights of The Old Republic 2.  He defeated Bohan for me in Heavenly Sword and he's been opening doors for me in Heavy Rain because I just can't seem to get it right.  I've even had Brandon play Left 4 Dead and while he didn't advance in the level too far, he did not die.  That's something right there! At least I thought it was cool.  Also as I said before if I have time to I'd be willing to help out with the FAQ but it would take me a long time as my time is limited.  Probably would release it by level maybe on Brandon's site.  I don't know yet.  Right now I can't say I can do it.  So I wanna wait and see if someone else does it first.  It would be better to have someone release it all at once for you than piece by piece like I would have to when time allowed.
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Subject: [brandon's list] Re: Heavy Rain: What we can and can't do
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Your point is a good one for the most part, but the game won't continue in certain situations. for instance the mall scene is one of many where you need to walk around to find what you need to find. lol trying to not spoil things is hard work. haha. anyway if you just choose to stand there, nothing will happen. if it's a button sequence you're dealing with and you press nothing, an undesirable result will most likely occur that you'll end up regretting later on. if you press a wrong button, it'll have the same consequences. this game isn't made in such a way that you can just guess what to do, you have to know what you're doing. I appreciate that you're trying to help, but we gotta face facts. we'd all love to play this game independently, but unless a good faq comes out, I doubt we'll be too successful by simply guessing. I'm just grateful I have people here that can help. not everyone does.
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 Yep that's what I'm saying.  You guys have to realize that failure with this game isn't really failure.  It doesn't stop you from seeing the rest of the game.  It continues on even if people die or you make a "wrong" choice.  There really is no right or wrong in this game.  That's the whole idea behind it.  So generally you guys say an unplayable game is one that you get stuck on and cannot advance any further due to something you have to see to continue.   If you can't then you can't continue on in the game and you'll never see the end.  With heavy rain you will see an ending regardless of what you do.  You will get through the game.
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Subject: [brandon's list] Re: Heavy Rain: What we can and can't do
From: Søren_Jensen <slj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, March 06, 2010 9:19 am
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Okay. So you're saying this game is playable if you have a great walkthrough and if you take your time to figure it all out? I don't have any people who can help me accept for one of my friends who love games, but he's not here all the time.
Best regards
Søren Jensen
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Den Mar 5, 2010 kl. 8:00 PM skrev misty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

Okay let me clarify here.  This game is not unplayable it's not beyond the realm of being playable for you guys.  If you find a FAQ with all the button combos they do not change.  As for the timings you would have to figure those out on your own as per usual with these things.  It's not like you'll be stuck people.  This game plays on regardless of what happens you will never be stuck.  You will need help but I don't think it goes beyond anything other than finding an FAQ.  If a guy can get help playing legend of zelda which is way harder than the stuff you have to do in heavy rain, i would say this would be a cakewalk.  I've been helping brandon play parts of heavy rain I've even failed at parts in heavy rain such as the drawing of the sketch in the first chapter.  Some doors I can't open so I have brandon do it for me.  Come on people be open minded and actually try here.  Make an effort. 
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Subject: [brandon's list] Re: Heavy Rain: What we can and can't do
From: Michael Breedlove <stirlock@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, March 05, 2010 10:26 am
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This is why I don't buy too many games like this. I don't have someone
around to help me all the time, so there's no point. Plus, I pretty
much told you that this wasn't very playable on your own. Buyer

On 3/5/10, Orin <orin8722@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> After I get home from Disney, I really want to play this game, and it looks
> like the only way I'm gonna do that is with myself, since my brother got so
> disinterested quickly.
> I'd really hate to return it, or not play it at all, but the fact is that
> watching it on Youtube you don't see the entire thing; you see a players
> game and if I were to play it it might be totally different.
> Also, from what it seems, this game has nice and easy trophies. As in, just
> playing it will net you some trophies. I've watched both the GameAnyone
> walkthrough and a Youtube walkthrough. The outcomes were the same, but the
> characters doing certain things were different.
> Well, I certainly won't be buying a game again until I'm sure my brother
> will play it. At least a game like this. I think eventually we'd be able to
> do it but here's a problem we run into in the prolog.
> You can walk around the house nude or at least upstairs and the bathroom. In
> your room, when you're standing at your dresser or whatever to get drest, is
> that when the first button prompts come up? My brother did actually manage
> to get this far for me, and he didn't really tell me anything so I was
> unsure. Where he stopped and never did pick it up again, and where it gets
> good, is when Jason goes to the mall. I did manage to get through this
> scene, however my brother probably would've gotten through it a lot quicker.
> I also got through the fight with Troy, however I didn't get the trophy for
> it.
> And now I'm at the crime scene. And I'm kinda stuck here.
> I doubt anyone has any tips on where to go? Hmm. Hopefully I can get my
> brother playing somehow. I'd hate to return a kickass game just because I
> couldn't get help for it.

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