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Installing somewhere other than Program Files would seem very nonstandard to
me. JMO!

Best regards from Ohio, U.S.A.,

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As you can see from the recent push there are now separate 
subdirectories for the different platforms in the installers directory. 
The Windows subdirectory is the fullest. It contains the latest 
pre_installer.txt and thank_you.txt files, but it also contains the old 
.iss installer file. Before creating the new .iss files, we have to 
solve the problem of accessing the items on the help menu. As far as I 
can see, neither spaces not quotation marks are allowed in the file 
paths. It may be necessary to install BrailleBlaster in a directory 
other than Program files.

We need an installer for the mac. Just today I got a message from 
someone who wanted to use BrailleBlaster on the Mac but couldn't get 
past the download.


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