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I picked up from the library and am planning to scan, smile unless they are elsewhere and I would love to know that, smile.

Aurora Mysterious Northern lights
The Zookeeper's Wife
Killer Minds: Great stories from Leading Mystery authors by Lincoln Child
Roger Caras's Treasury of Great Cat Stories (am editing the Dog Stories)

Weaving, Spinning and Dying A complete handbook

I will also be submitting soon, sigh, by the time I get home most nights, don't want to keep pounding keys, smile. Will get better with more travel time in my future.

Backyard Birds
Chained Youth With Chronic Illness
Phantom by Susan kay
Tell Me Where It Hurts: A Day in a life of a Vet
Peterson's First Guide to the Solar System
Cougars (Nature's Children)
Coyotes (Nature's Children)
The Abysinian Cat (Learning About Cats)
The manx Cat (Learning About Cats)
The Exotic Cat (Learning About Cats)
What to do if your mom or dad say We Can't afford It.

I think that is all of them, so far.


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