[bookport] Re: Problem in newest firmware

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  • Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 10:05:04 +0100


I wonder if it is perhaps connected with the indexing of the synthesizer. As you know, screen readers tend to send indexing characters to the synthesizer to allow the screen reader to keep track of what word the synthezer has just spoken. I wonder if perhaps the indexing on the Book port is done so far in advanced, say 3 or 4 sentenses to keep the speech fluent?

Is that a possibility?


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Hi Walt. It may be, but I've always used text files and my
experience has been that the unit has tracked very very well. Not
sure how to explain it - maybe a lack of awareness on my part.

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This has happened for me, especially with .txt files, ever since I bought my device. I consider it to be normal behavior.

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I am noticing that when I stop the BP while reading, it
frequently resumes reading several sentences prior to where I was
when stop was pressed. I can navigate by sentence to get back to
where I was so it is not that the BP isn't recognizing sentences.
The same can be observed when the sleep timer stops reading and I
press the read key - it is frequently several sentences behind
where it has just finished reading.


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