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Hi could you deal with this.
I  suppose we better send them the closing statement for ing.
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Subject: The late Mr Werdon Douglas Anglin 

Dear Mr Mulhern 

I do hope that this email finds you well. 

I apologise for the delay in writing to say thank you for sending through the 
form R185s for each of the charities together with the copy documentation you 
have received from the various banks and building societies.  I was hoping that 
I would hear from Mrs Winney regarding our queries on the estate accounts and 
could therefore respond to you in relation to both matters at the same time.  I 
have yet to hear from Mrs Winney however. 

Unfortunately, having reviewed the copy documents, it is clear that a large 
proportion of the tax included in the R185s is for tax paid during Mr Anglin's 
lifetime.  We cannot reclaim this tax and we therefore cannot submit these 
forms to the Revenue.  We can only reclaim our share of tax paid during the 
administration, that is from 4th January 2008 being the date Mr Anglin passed 
away until the date the relevant account was closed. 

To try and keep things as simple as possible, we have looked at which accounts 
would have paid out a sufficient amount of tax on interest to make it cost 
effective to ask you to request further documents from the account holders so 
that amended R185s can be prepared.  Please could you kindly request from the 
following institutions a tax deduction certificate specifically for the period 
between 4th January 2008 to the date the respective accounts were closed:

1. ING Direct - There is no reference to this account in the estate accounts so 
we presume it was closed prior to Mr Anglin passing away.  However, if this is 
not the case, please can you ask ING Direct to provide a tax deduction 
certificate for the period 4th January 2008 to the date the account was closed.

2. Chelsea account number 23122801. 

3. Lloyds Instant Access Saver account number 17424468. 

I am sorry to have to ask you to contact the account holders again however 
without this information we will be unable to reclaim the relevant portion of 
tax and direct these funds to our charitable work.  

If you would like to discuss this over the phone in the first instance please 
feel free to telephone me when I return to the office next Tuesday 9th 
November.  Alternatively, if you would like Mrs Winney to deal with this 
enquiry along with the information she is preparing regarding our queries on 
the estate account please do let me know and I will write to her direct.  

With thanks and best wishes, 

Naomi Parry 
Legacy Officer 
Member of the Inst.of Legacy Management (Cert) 

The Blue Cross 
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