[blindreplay] Petro's Test Stream Follow <continued>

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  • Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 17:37:36 -0700


I am afraid I deleted the message I had started this morning.  It contained
your original questions after my first test, and the answers to them.  I'll
try to re-construct what I wrote.  

I only have Windows Media Player Version 10 on my system.  However, all my
mp3 files are associated with Winamp, so this is the format in which the
file originally played.  I selected the file again and chose the "play in
Windows Media Player" option to launch the stream.  

I had chosen the "record now" option after creating the show item and
highlighting it the first time I did the test, but after reading your
question  I performed the test again today by choosing the show and pressing
"s" from the properties menu.  Once again the recordings played in both
Winamp and Media Player.  
I noticed something very odd both with the stream from Greece and the ones I
have recorded from KAAM.  That is that even though I timed the Greek stream
and stopped recording after 20 minutes I only heard a five-minute or so
file.  The same thing happened with KAAM, even though my scheduled stream
was set to record for a little over 2 hours and the other stream, recorded
with the "record now" option lasted the same five minutes even though I
stopped the recording after three hours.  

In all the cases except one which I didn't check, the activity log shows the
recording stopped at the time I had actually requested.  In other words, I
wonder where all the additional hours and seconds of recording time went.
The time seems to be unaccounted for.  

This hasn't happened when I have recorded ACB Radio shows from the url I
entered manually nor from the WMKV url I entered manually.  It seems as
though the recordings made strictly from urls found by using the Replay
program url finder or tuning from within the program itself haven't been
played for the full duration.  

Also, I have been disappointed in the quality at 32bps.  They have been very
low fidelity, one even reminding me of a stream from Mexico I like which
plays at only 8bps.  If I didn't like the music I probably wouldn't listen
to that quality audio.  

I hope my explanations were clear enough and that this helps.  

If anyone has any idea why my recordings aren't playing in full I'd
appreciate knowing that too.




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