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Hi, Petro,

I checked several times in the recordings folder and there were no
additional recording files.  That's what surprises me.  All that recording
time seems to have just been lost in cyberspace.  


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Thank you. In your recordings folder or wherever your recordings go, did you
look to see if there were extra audio files.
Sometimes you will get split audio files due to loast connection, stream
server is overloaded and so on. Just making sure you didn't miss this.

Just to be sure:

Press     Open "MY Computer".
Open C: Drive.  
Press "P" for Program Files folder/directory.
Press "enter" key.
 Press "R" until you hear "Replay AV 8".
Press "enter" key.
Press "R" for recordings folder.
Press "enter" key.
Choose a folder like a station folder.
See if there are additional audio files for that station you recorded.

For music recordings you need to use 128 kbps - for mp3 format.
Some want it higher than this.

If you have a terabyte hard drive you can record in the WAVE format. Most of
us don't. The .WAV format is the best. Anyway I would do the 128 kbps if you
are recording music with RAV 8.

I got alot of things at the moment to fix on this computer tonight. I will
read your message again later this week and try to naswer your questions and


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