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Thanks Petro.  Oh yes, I have experienced this same phenomenon but somehow
didn't think of it when I was replying.  Both of us in this household have
computers and once in a while we both tune into the  same station.  The two
streams won't even be exactly in sync with each other.  I have also called
the stations during a show and found the lag between broadcast time and the
Net is quite noticeable.  

There is a show on KAAM I've been trying to time.  I've gotten it within a
few seconds of correct, but I haven't set the time for as long as five
minutes.  Most times I get it pretty close; but I will adjust if I find
there's a real problem.  


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Streams work a bit different on the internet. The data (packets) take time
to reach you. The stream you hear is not LIVE. There is a delay. I have seen
some audio streams 4-5 minutes behind.
You can test this. Turn on your AM/FM station to a station that also streams
on the internet. Compare the stream with the audio coming out of your
radio's speakers. There is going to be a delay on the internet stream.

I schedule the start and end times for some of my recordings 5 minutes early
and 5 minutes later. This ensures I won't miss anything.


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