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  • Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 17:07:26 -0700


I don't know if you've ever programmed a vcr, but Replay works much the same
way.  Getting the time exactly right is difficult because the station's time
and/or network time may not exactly agree with your computer's clock.  

I have a particular show I've been trying to get just right; and I can vary
the clodk by a few seconds and end up with the very beginning or end being
cut off.  I suppose if everyone, listeners and broadcasters alike,  were to
synchronized their clock with WWV or the atomic clock of their particular
country  you might have a chance of getting the program exactly right; but
who's going to do that?  In fact, local stations will sometimes even run
over a little on one program and just make up time somewhere else in the
program day, especially if they aren't carrying any national or syndicated
programs or hourly newscasts.  With the automated programming on some
stations you might even see the news start a few seconds late, or perhaps a
song gets cut off for the news.  

The best you can do is play with the timing and try to get a little extra
from another program rather than lose any time from the program you want to

Hope this helps.  


Robin wrote:
Speaking of short files, when I record certain programs,, for an hour as an
example, I get the hour shouw and an additional file that is about a minute

Two questions:
1. Is this an error in the way I programmed the recording? (they are all
scheduled for the exact time I want)?
2. Is there a cure?


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