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You should also take a good look at station play list studio.
It's vary accessible, and to my opinion, better than some seen in the big 
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  From the National Broadcast Reafding Service of Canada


  We use Wire Ready as out automation program and from what I have read on the 
IAAIS list serve, there are many blind users and it is a totally accessible

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  From: Geoff Eden [mailto:geden1@xxxxxxxxx]
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  Is our final out-put system accessible?  Could you please forward this 
appropriately for a response for this lady.


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  Mari Dole


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  Subject: Accessible Automation Programs

  Hello Everyone,

  I work as a volunteer for an internet radio reading service, and we
  would like to be able to schedule programming which we have recorded
  live, such as the local newspaper, which we broadcast in the morning,
  for repetition later in the day. Is there any accessible software which
  would allow a totally blind person to do this? We would also like to do
  other program scheduling as well.

  Thank you for any help.

  Mari Dole

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  From: Michael Babcock 
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  is there any jaws scripts for sam broadcaster? or is there any one who uses 
the sam broadcaster program?
  please help very soon.

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