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Ok, I miss understood.
I wasn't trying to imply that.
That wasn't my intension.
I'm sorry.
I guess that's what I get for reading E-mail to fast?
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Yeah, and wouldn't it come from Jeff even if it wasn't?

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Jeff mentioned some time last year that it was OK to talk about these things
on this list.
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It seems to me that some of the questions your posting here might
really fit better on the PC-Audio listserv.  Seems like they talked
about the accessibility of all of these broadcasting apps. on there a
while ago.
You might spend some time reviewing the archives before you post your
question, but I see that you must subscribe to the list before you can
access the archives.

As far as I can tell, an app. like this is really for streaming,
rather than podcasting, but maybe I'm wrong.

Here's a link for you to go exploring the PC-Audio listserv.  Go to:


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