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If you can, I think the edirol r1 should seriously be considered. It is
expensive, but if you can afford it, it's truly worth the money. I got one
last week, and I think the more I use it the more I'll appreciate spending
the extra money. The built-in mics on it are stereo, none of the cheaper
recorders can claim that, and even though the stereo image on the r1
built-in mics isn't particularly wide, it is noticeable and sounds much
better on headphones than mono recordings.
Other huge benefits, the r1 can record in uncompressed wav which is
essential if you ever want to record music, also it uses flash cards so you
aren't limited to how much ram it comes with.
It gets terrible battery life from normal alcoline aa batteries, but with
the nmh batteries 2300 2500 mah you can get near 2.5 hours of record time.

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I'm looking for a digital recorder, probably of the price of the available 
Iriver 799-899 or one of the Olympus models, not the more expensive Etirol 
level of recorders.  One reason I want it would be to be able to record 
meetings, trainings and the like, as well as a sound seeing tour if I ever 
go anywhere exotic.  Can anybody offer feedback as to the internal mic on 
their digital recorder?  As an example of what I'm looking for, the 
Bookport has a terrible sound, and no range at all.  The other machines 
have to do better!  Do they?



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