Podcast 11, Tribute to My Mother! And More...

  • From: "Debbie Hazelton" <healinghands4u@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 08:36:22 -0500

        Hello Everyone!

I wrote this late last night.

Today, December 15,  marks the one-year anniversary from when my mom died.
It's been a poignant day: sad, sweet, all-so-vivid with memories.

So in this podcast, I talk a lot about her, our relationship, what she came
to mean to me!

I play a wonderful song called "Mama a Rainbow, sung by <a
="http://www.marceliot.com";> Marc Eliot!</a>, arranged by a wonderful
musician and friend of mine, Vic Glazer.  You can read more about Vic and
his fabulous career on Google.

And I play the Podsafe For Peace Song "If Everyday Were Christmas.", thanks
to Slau.  It's filled with the spirit similar to "We Are The World."  It
carries the spirit of many voices from around the globe all working together
to carry a message of peace.  Thank you Slau and all who participated.

Download the show:
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Thanks so much for listening and for your enthusiastic support and interest!

And again, and everyday, thanks to my wonderful mother!

If your mother is alive!  Please enjoy her!  If not, please enjoy her!
Is after 11:00 PM., do you know where your mother is? <hahahaha>  Well
wherever she is, I hope she's in your heart!

All best
Many Blessings!
Debbie Hazelton
Hooked on Podcasting! 

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