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I was also wondering if this list has an archive.  That would be extremely
helpful to everyone.  Another thing we could consider is ...
mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaybe ... starting a blindcasters website.  Then we could have
a blindness-perspective-based resource to point beginners to.  We could
include sections on various recording methods as well as links to reviews of
products and software most accessible to blind podcasters.  We would then
have an organized database to work with, and we wouldn't have to answer the
same recurring questions all the time.  Not that that's a bad thing by any
means.  That's what this list is for, right?  But I think a centralized help
site would be great.


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Mike and others who may be interested:

I'm not sure whether your response was meant to be sarcastic, so if 
I've offended you, let me just list a bunch of sites that I've found 
in my own studying of how to set up podcasts.  Also, before I just 
toss out a bunch of links, I wonder whether this list has an archives 
since this topic has been discussed many many times.

Okay, here are your links.  Hope you find a tutorial that works for 
you.  These are in no particular order.  I also wouldn't say this 
list is vetted.  I just grabbed a handful of resources since there 
are, basically, a ton out there. Note that if any of this is blatant 
advertising, I apologize in advance.  It's all meant to be informational.

Making An RSS Feed:

How to Podcast:

Why not go here:

and skim down to the heading (at level 2) called:
External links

There are lots of links in that list of 19 items there (list 5 on the page).

K7 Unified Messaging, free Fax and voicemail to email:
[people who are just getting started might need this.]

12 Ways to Promote Your Podcast:

Hope you do a podcast, Mike, and that you'll benefit from the time I 
spent pulling out links from my own filed archives of information.
Best to all,

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