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Have you added songs to your playlist yet.  That's what people, including 
myself, have problems doing.

visit me at
Keep smiling!

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> Hi everyone,
>     I just wanted to say that I just registered on PMN to see how 
> difficult
> it really was to sign up. It wasn't bad, except for the part where you 
> have
> to enter a number that's in an image. Thankfully I have enough vision that 
> I
> was able to make it out. It only took me a few minutes to register and I 
> do
> see how it would be hard for somone with no vision. I don't know if I did 
> it
> right, but where it asked for genre I selected christian rock, since if I 
> do
> put any music up on my podcast, that is the type it will probably be. I
> don't know if the promo for my podcast is any good either, but it was my
> first attempt. Please let me know your thoughts.
> For those of you that don't know about my podcast the feed url is: 
> ""
> tspaulding and the podcast blog is HYPERLINK
> "" I
> would really like some input on improving things.I listen to several 
> people
> who are on the list and in my opinion you all do a great job. I hope this
> wasn't off topic.
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