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I want to know how to set up a podcast. I have a blog:
check it out.
I dont know whair I can host the mp3 files either.
someone please help me.
Check out my blog at:
I think you will like it. If you set up your own free blog, send it to me.
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Have you added songs to your playlist yet. That's what people, including myself, have problems doing.

visit me at
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Subject: My podcast and PMN

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to say that I just registered on PMN to see how difficult
it really was to sign up. It wasn't bad, except for the part where you have
to enter a number that's in an image. Thankfully I have enough vision that I
was able to make it out. It only took me a few minutes to register and I do
see how it would be hard for somone with no vision. I don't know if I did it
right, but where it asked for genre I selected christian rock, since if I do
put any music up on my podcast, that is the type it will probably be. I
don't know if the promo for my podcast is any good either, but it was my
first attempt. Please let me know your thoughts.

For those of you that don't know about my podcast the feed url is: HYPERLINK
tspaulding and the podcast blog is HYPERLINK
"" I
would really like some input on improving things.I listen to several people
who are on the list and in my opinion you all do a great job. I hope this
wasn't off topic.

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