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  • Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 18:29:36 -0800 (PST)

Dear Devi,

I know you posted before. I was hoping someone else
would answere you, but since they haven't...

Your first question is easy to answer--yes, you can
download any book on page one, the download page, to
validated. We call it validating, though it's really
proofreading; we can't edit, in the real meaning of
the word, because we're not allowed to change anything
that's in the book. Of course, if you don't have the
book (are you blind, partially blind or sighted?) you
don't know what's in the book, and if  something seems
wrong you'd probably change it.

Once you download the book to work on, it disappears
from the download list, so no one else can take it.
Someone else, not seeing it anywhere, might scan it
anew, but your validated book would get into the
collection before theirs probably. Also, Gustavo and
Jake post a "Marissa's List" which shows what books
are being worked on, what are available to be
validated, and what are waiting in the administrator's
queue to be approved after having been validated, so
there should, theoretically, be no duplications--but
that's in theory and it doesn't always work in

When you download a book, count seven days, including
the day you download. If you haven't finished and
uploaded the book, click on upload and you can renew
it for seven more days. You can also renew a couple of
days earlier, which is a good idea so the book doesn't
get released. If you forget and it does get go back to
the download list, you can download it again and trash
that copy, which is the orignal, and continue working
on the one you're working on.

To go to your last question, I have no tips other than
just download a title that sounds interesting to you
and fix errors as you go. Ask questions as you go if
you need to. Everyone has been in your position before
and everyone is very helpful. If you click on
Download, some people, like Shelley, will tell you in
the comments how many pages the book is. Al Capone
Does My Shirts sounds interesting, at least to me.
Shelley does good scans and rates it Excellent. Read
her comments. It has 240 pages and sounds like an easy
validation. Your safest if you do not choose a book
marked Fair. Even though that's the automatic rating
if the submitter doesn't change it, it may also be a
book with lots of errors.

The Bladed Doom--Anastasia read two-thirds and
spell-checked the rest. It's a western; I don't know
how long it is.

Take an RTF book, not one of the others.

Tips for scanning and validating, and possibly
frequent scannos, can be found at www.jbrownell.com,
Jake's site. One I'm finding in a book I'm doing now
is iv for w in a lot of words, but I don't date do a
global replace. The number 1 for capital I is another,
and die for the is another. r n for m is frequent. I'm
sure there is a list somewhere.

HTH (hope this helps).


--- devi ramaseshan <deviramaseshan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>   Dear all
>   I am a new volunteer. I work as an aide for
> challenged students.
>   I have not started any work so far.I have been
> reading the emails that you guys exchange so that I
> can understand what is going before I start
> validating and editing.
>   I have some questions before I proceed.
>   Can a volunteer download any book for editing and
> validating?   Suppose I download a book and someone
> is alreading working on that  book how do I know
> about that.
>   May I have examples of scanning and formating
> errors. 
>   I prefer to start with a small book (book having
> small number of pages).Can anyone suggest one?
>   As you guys have good experience may I have some
> tips before I start working on a book. 
>   Thanks for your time and support. devi
> Devi ramaseshan
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