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Hi, Linda. If such a huge part of the book is unreadable, reject it, please. 
<smile> We all hate to reject books, but it's even more frustrating for 
someone, I think, to download a book from Bookshare and start happily 
reading, only to stumble across a huge chunk of the book that they can't 
read. Take care.
Julie Morales
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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] "the summer i dared by barbara delinsky (question)

Hi all,

I am back-after a very (hahaha) long break.

I hope i didn't miss that much-was on vacation mode for a while. (long 
while) Grin)
I am slowly validating "the summer I dared by barbara delinsky.
Between pages 80 and 100 I think, thare a bunch of gibberish (caracters that 
don't make words.) and further down, I am finding the same thing.

I think it might be pretty legible-but to me there is just a bunch of place 
where characters don't make sense.

I am wondering if I should reject this book or accept it when i upload.

There is just a large span in the book that doesn't make sense.

I don't like the thought of rejecting a book unless it's absolutely 

Any suggestions?

many thanks!

Linda knight

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