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If I were you, I would just submit them.

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> I don't know if there are page breaks, but in either case they are what
> are, as they are no longer in my Open Book library file -- these are
> hundreds of books that were on a previous computer and were saved only
> because they were downloaded to an external source.
> I still have hundreds of other titles currently in my OPBK library folder,
> however.
> Brian M.
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> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: text format submissions
> > Hi Brian,
> > Do you know whether your txt files have page breaks? If they do, and if
> you
> > have Kurzweil or Openbook, converting them to rtf in Kurzweil or
> > would be great. You certainly don't have to do this, but it would assure
> > that they wouldn't get mangled in the validation process. If the files
> have
> > page breaks but you don't have Kurzweil or Openbook, I would suggest not
> > converting them. Word will cheerfully munch all the page breaks. If the
> > files don't have page breaks, then it would be good to convert them. If
> they
> > have a running header or footer, an interested validator could add the
> page
> > breaks. However, if they don't have page breaks, they won't be accepted
> > after March, so in that case maybe you could make a list of them and
> people
> > who wanted to work on individual titles and who were willing to add
> > could do so. Ok, are there any possible scenarios I've missed? <lol>
> > Kellie
> >

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