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I use the screen reader Jaws and the quotes within the sentences are coming
up as apostrophes.  I'm not sure what it would look like in braille but
that's how the screen reader is reading them.

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> Hi, All,
> Shannon wrote to me offline and suggested that I write
> some sentences here to see how those of you with
> Braille, or Voice, or screen readers, or whatever you
> use read them. She told me about the Autoformat; I
> checked and I have had it checked for replacing
> straight quotes with smart quotes, (I never knew what
> that was for ), so maybe Word is automatically putting
> single quotes and apostrophes where they belong.
> Anyway, here are a couple of  sentences from a
> document I'm validating now, that has both in them.
> Perhaps you could tell me either here or directly if
> you can read them as they are supposed to be.
> Cindy
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> grandfather's got real senility, okay? Last week he
> said to me, 'Vivian put the popcorn outside.' I said,
> 'Really? Why?' . . . "
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