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Judy, I don’t understand what you are saying.  You are saying to replace the 
mdash with two hyphens and then saying that the bookshare tools replace the 
mdashes with two hyphens.  I’m missing the difference!


Lori C.



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Hi Reggie, please always replace an em-dash with two hyphens.  An em-dash is 
always replaced with two hyphens. This hasn't changed.  You might be confusing 
this with the information that the bookshare conversion tool is able to convert 
em-dashes correctly now to two hyphens, so that the proofreader doesn't need to 
do that if they don't want to.

Judy s.

On 7/27/2012 3:45 PM, Regina Alvarado wrote:

Hmmmm! There was a decision made a while ago that – (M dashes) did not need the 
2 dashes, just one.  Perhaps someone took it to heart, not on this list I would 
bet, and took both dashes out.  I tend to believe it was the proofer.  The way 
I handle – is I put them up against the word before and after with only one 
hyphen/dash.  Many, many times I have seen spaces around the 2 dashes.  I do 
not know if that is scanning or books are being written that way now, but it 
helps with reading continuity in Braille to have the spaces taken out. 




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