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Hey Rich,

Obviously I’m not Cindy, but I know she likes to have the print book (hard 
copy) in front of her when she proofs. So she meant if you wanted to send her 
the hard copy book via snail mail, after you scan it, she could proof it.

I don’t remember you as a staff member. What was your job with Bookshare?

Sue S.

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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: plan to submit -- Jolson: Legend Comes to Life

Hi Cindy,
Yep, I’m the one and same from before.
And I remember you as well, as having proofed some of my scans and helped with 
advice, etc.

I’ve not been quite as active on volunteer side, but have scanned and submitted 
several books and had them approved in to the library this year. When scanning, 
I am largely scanning magazines and stuff like that.

I don’t understand. Do you propose I not submit the book but rather send you my 
RTF file of it to your email address? 
Or do you mean I should submit it and put a “hold for _your name_ in the file 
name of the file I submit?

I do like to get the credit for the book to offset my membership which comes up 
in April.
Who knows, maybe I’ll get cracking and get more done. I sure have lots of books 
on a pile that I want to read that are in my collection but not yet 
electronically available to read.

Thanks, Cindy. As the Mac Wiseman song goes, “Tis Sweet to Be Remembered!” <g>


From: Cindy Rosenthal 
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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: plan to submit -- Jolson: Legend Comes to Life

Hey. is this the Rik James I'm delighted to see again, i.e., the one who used 
to work at book share before deciding he wanted a different kind of job? If so, 
welcome back --as a volunteer you won't be pestered by people like me with 
questions smile.

I can't find the book in either of my libraries, but if you're willing to mail 
it to me, I'll proof it--and don't worry about the navigation. We proofers take 
care of that. I can mail the print book back to you if you want it back, or 
donate it to a library's used-book store. 
I have some other things I'm working on so there's no hurry.

On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 4:09 PM, <ohio1803@xxxxx> wrote:

  Hello Booksharians.

  I have been off the list for a spell.
  But I'm still a scanner and submitter of books.

  I have proofed a few, but mostly just scan what I can and submit them.

  I have recently scanned a book which I purchased used, which I think is out 
of print.
  At least my attempts to find it were unsuccessful at the time I wished to 
read it.

  It is a 1988 biography of entertainer Al Jolson.
  Jolson: The Legend Comes to Life
  by Herbert G. Goldman

  I have been working on it quite awhile, as I have been reading and correcting 
scanos as I go, being very particular that the many dates and so on are correct.

  It is a fascinating story, that tells not only much about the entertainer but 
really a pretty unique history of the development of entertainment in US, from 
vaudeville, to live theatre, radio, and film. There are a few books in our 
Bookshare collection that give some biographical information about "Jolie." But 
this may be of interest to others who may wish to know about him, also.

  So if someone wants to have this book to proofread, tell me what you want me 
to do, and I'll do it, before submitting it.
  Do you still do that thing where you put “Hold for” in the filename if a 
particular individuals wants to proofread a book?

  It may be a week or so before I can submit it, so there is no hurry. I am 
doing the project as fill-in between other things.

  Thank you all for the great work that you other volunteers and Bookshare have 
been doing over these years.
  This whole new business of image description and so on, it sounds quite 

  I wonder, if someone knows.
  Are we anywhere near where a book may be submitted with all the Daisy 
navigation? Or is it still just Rich Text Format.
  As I have proceeded with this book project, I have placed the level 1 and 2 
bookmarks (In K-1000, .kes called multi-level bookmarks)? 
  And are other changes in Font Size, and bolding, still desired when we submit 
the book in RTF?
  I have moved all page numbers to top of each page with blank line above and 
below it, as before. 
  If there is a link to this instruction detail for volunteers, if it is 
convenient, please put the URL in an email to me.

  And Seasons Greetings!

  Richard (Rik) James

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