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Hi Monica,
I personally label blank pages as you do.  I do this because I have no way
of telling whether the page was blank, or contained a picture, hence the
notation that it contains no text, the sentence contained in brackets.  The
scanning and proofreading manual says we should label blank pages like this
[blank page].  
In regard to your page numbers, yes, please number all pages, blank and
containing text.  I don't know what to think about your preface starting on
page 23.  I wonder why there aren't 22 physical pages before the preface on
page 23?  Do you know?  But in general, yes, please number all pages in a
book, preliminary pages (those that come before arabic-numbered 1) with
lower case roman numerals, and the rest with arabic numbers. If you're
certain that all of the pages are present and numbering backward from 23
doesn't get you to 1, in your current book, please make a note when
uploading the book that pages aren't missing, that the numbering was just
strange and the book was published that way.
Hope that helps.


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Good morning list.  First, I want to thank you for helping me.  A while back
I had asked about em dashes and replacing them.  I was successful thanks to
everyone who helped.  


Now, I have a question about page numbers and blank pages.  I'm scanning a
book with blank pages.  I usually write 'This page has no text." Is this


Second, some of my pages do not have page numbers.  For example, the preface
starts on page 23.  There aren't 22 physical pages before this page number.
Do you think I should numbers pages before physical page 23?  Also, The
pages in the book that are blank, I'm thinking I should number those as


As always, thanks for your help.  


Monica Svopa 


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