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Hi, gisela! I do the same thing. <Smile> I have a 1-Gig cf card, and I think my other one is a 2-Gig. I'm thinking about using that one to create an MP3 collection, so that I can listen to them with my BrailleNote.

Anyway, being primarily a Braille user, it's still fascinating to be able to store all those Braille books on that tiny little card. Since I put them in series or categories, I sometimes feel like I'm wandering up and down the shelves of a Braille library! <Smile> Last week I had a doctor's appointment, and I passed the time waiting for a ride by browsing through my CF library and checking out books by moving them directly onto my BrailleNote. We sure have come a long way in a relatively short amount of time! <Smile> Take care!


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hi Sue and Lissi. I also am completely in love with book storage. It's so wonderful. It is utterly amazing the mmount of books that can be storedon a card. I have a 5GB one and haven't even begun to fill it up. I group them by subject and series. I really love series because I get so fond of the chars. examples, Pern, Honor Harrington, Valdemar, Starwars some startrek, Hary Potter, The 1633 alt histery(It's got another name, The Bazel books...For Authors, I particularly love Nora Roberts, David Weber, Mercedes Lacky, Anne Mcafrey sp?, am really liking Eric Flint who believes in sharing books with people online. How can we not like someone who does that?


something like that. It is a V cool sight.

What particular books and authors are faves for people.

This post got a bit wide ranging, sorry bout that.


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