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I would suggest that someone not terribly familiar with the work of
Alexander Solzhenitsyn  start with something like "A Day in the Life of Ivan
D." (the D. is actually spelled out to make a last name but I don't feel
like looking it up and couldn't imagine getting it right if I had to guess
at the spelling).  It was the first of the Solzhenitsyn  prison camp books
and, during the short period when Khrushchev allowed a bit of publishing
freedom, it came out in Russia followed by translations in the rest of the
world.  Although one of his shorter works (more like the size of a typical
novel, it brought him to international attention and likely motivated his
nobel prize.
His four Gulag books (Ivan and the three archipelago novels) make up the
really important publications from his career.  After moving from the Soviet
Union to Vermont in 1974, he wrote and published a bunch of historical
fiction which isn't terribly good or considered important in the critical
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 To any fans of Russian Literature:

Alexander Solzhenitsyn died today at the age of 89. I went and checked the
Bookshare collection and only 4 of his books were listed and only one was a
volume of The Gulag Archipelago, a three volume history of the Russian &
Soviet Prison system.  If anyone would be interested in scanning the other
two volumes, or other Books by him, especially the novels, I would be
interested in validating them though both jobs will take time as most of his
books are very long.

While I was looking I checked Michael Sholokhov's name and found only one of
his books listed. I don't know how long it will take or if anyone would be
interested in scanning his work but I would also be interested in validating
them.  His works are available in paperback and I could scan them if I could
get a decent copy. 

The Gulags are very large books and I could not handle books that large and
thick as a scanner. But I could work on any of the books to validate though
these would all be a long project. Solzhenisyn was working on a "compendium"
of his works which, considering his works, I assume to mean a "complete
works" rather than a summarization of them, which would be virtually
impossible even for him.

Any offers?


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