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  • Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 14:48:44 +0000

 Hi friends,

I have submitted a fascinating book, Marshal Zhukov's Greatest Battles, and it has already been validated and entered into the collection so all you history buffs and anyone interested in military maneuvers pay attention.

Marshal Zhukov became  the Supreme Commander of the Russian forces by the end of the defense of Russia and he shows us how he did it. Stalin sent him in first to defend Moscow, then Stalingrad, and finally Kursk and in each case he managed to undo the damage done by previous commanders. Finally, he led the attack on Berlin which is how, along with the Allies' respect for Russia's losses, made it possible for Russia to reach Berlin first and one need only look at a map of Germany before the fall of the Soviet Union to appreciate what Zhukov accomplished.

Although there are a lot of battle descriptions of which battalions went where and led by whom which I found difficult to follow even with a map, the conversations he remembered, in detail, with Stalin as well as Stalin's orders were enthralling and enlightening with insight into his character and misunderstanding of Hitler not found elsewhere in my readings.

My apologies for the Index. I did the best I could.




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