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  • Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2006 18:36:11 -0400

HI all,

I am looking to validate my first book, as I have been a member, but just
got signed up as a validator.  There are three books, any of which I would
be happy to validate, but they are all in .ark format.  I can read them;
that's not the problem.  I do have Openbook as my scanning software anyway.
My question is: Can I edit these in Word and should I then change them back
to .ark to be uploaded or could they be uploaded back in .rtf format?
Obviously, I would and could only do one of these three; I know that, so I
don't need that clarified.  The reason I ask this is that I find Openbook to
be a fine scanning program, but I find it cumbersome for editing with.  The
speech is just a bit more sluggish than JAWS by itself and I'd just rather
use Word if I can, plus I find Word's spell checker easier to use, because I
can read the context of where the error is found; whereas, with Openbook,
this is not possible to my knowledge.  Any answers on this would be
appreciated.  As I said, I can read the ark format, just would really like
to not have to use the Openbook program itself to do the validation if I
don't have to.

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