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My Aunt Marsha is a Pink Princess, smile, though I believe this year she 
will be turning into a Red Hat lady, smile.

It is an interesting group, smile.

And will be looking for this one soon.

How about

Parenting and Family
Entertainment which is the catch all for humor of all kinds.

Smile, just thinking aloud, but sounds fantastic.

Shelley L. Rhodes and Judson, guiding golden
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Hi, Tiffany!  Oh, this sounds like a great book!  I have a friend who is a
Red Hatter, and while I'm not in that particular age group yet, she talked
me into going to a Christmas festival a couple of weeks ago with one of the
local chapters.  They were a hoot!  And since I'm not 50, I had to wear a
pink hat and a lavender sweater.  Thanks God I look okay in lavender!
<Smile>  Anyway, this looks really cute!  Judging by the synopsis, it looks
like the only current category for it is Literature And Fiction.  I'll check
to see if anyone has grabbed it yet.  Take care!


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  I have already edited this book pretty well, but it can possibly use a
quick look-over. More importantly, or really primarily,  the validater needs
to decide which bookshare category to place it in.
  The Red hat Club, by Haywood Smith. The book jacket follows below.

  Join a group of irrepressible

  women who belong to the Red Hat Club, in this sassy

  novel from the author of

  Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch

  Meet Georgia, SuSu, Teeny, Diane, and Linda-five women who've been best
friends through thirty years since high school. Whenever they get the
chance, they don their red hats and purple outfits for a delicious monthly
serving of racy jokes, iced tea and chicken salad, baskets of sweet rolls,
the latest Buckhead gossip, and-most of all- lively support and caring
through the ups and downs of their lives. When Diane discovers her banker
husband has a condo (with mistress) that he bought with their retirement
funds, the Red Hats swing into action and plot to hang him with his own rope
in a story that serves up laughter, friendship, revenge, high school
memories, long-lost loves, a suburban dominatrix, and plenty of white wine
and junk food. Spanning the 1960s through the present, The Red Hat Club is a
funny, unforgettable novel that shows the power women can find when they
accept and support one another.

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