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Pratik, that's an interesting point.  Much controversy over whether braille
is a language or code. Since writing, strictly speaking, is a system, rather
than a language, there is room for thought. It's the combination of those
lines that make the words, but the lines always mean the same thing, so you
can write in the European languages, Latin, Portugese, using the same

It appears to be more of a code than a language. Morse is always
capitalized, being someone's name, but code may or may not be.

Did I muddy the waters more? <laugh>


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> Shelly Et al,
> Although my opinion should in no way be taken as definitive, I would tend
> lean towards capitalizing Braille no matter in what situation.  Your
> stems from respect that you bare for the originator.  Mine, on the other
> hand, stems from the knowledge that Braille like English, French, Spanish
> a language and it should be treated as such.  As a language, it should be
> afforded as much respect, if not more for certain other reasons that I
> not go into, that other languages receive.
> Pratik
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> My spell checkers insist that Braille be capitalized, though my advisor
> tells me it is with a lower case letter.  I capitalize it out of respect
> its creator.
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