[bksvol-discuss] changes in language

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  • Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 17:33:06 -0500

-Yes, language and its rules are always being changed. When I started working  
as a TA in a 
middle school English classroom, I discovered that certain rules that had 
existed when I had 
been a a high school English teacher decades before had changed. Things that 
had been 
incorrect before were now considered correct, e.g., the plural of "fish" ? now 
one can say and write 
"fishes."  Admittedly this isn?t as major as it sounds like your braille 
changes are, but when one is 
correcting papers and marking them wrong when they should be right. I think 
"knifes" instead of 
"knives" was another one, but I don't quite remember Oanother decase has 
passed)  (grin) . . .  As 
a matter of fact, the spelling of braille seems to be a change; until joining 
this list, I would have 
spelled the language with a capital "B." My dictionary shows it lower case but 
does say it is often 
capitalized ? probably by those of us who don?t use it all the time. (smile).

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