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  • Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 19:26:11 EDT

That last suggestion sounds most promising. It also seems to me that there  
should be some way to save one's work for the next validator when one gives up  
on a book. After all, if a book is particularly difficult to validate it 
might  work better if a number of us took it a little bit at a time until the 
whole job  was complete. I hope Carrie will see this and respond to us and let 
know if  we may reject a book with a note to the administrator that it should 
be returned  to the download page with the work that has been done up until 
that time saved.  It is a shame that if a book is especially difficult to 
validate that everyone  who tries should have to start all over or else just 
it as a lost cause  even if the cause is not entirely lost. In a message dated 
9/16/2008 6:08:09  P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, popularplace@xxxxxxxxx writes:

It would  be wonderful if the engineers could figure out a way to let 
validators add  comments when they release a book. As is is now, only the 
can put in  comments that go with the book to the download page. When the 
validator  rejects a book he/she can put comments in the comments section that 
to the  administrator who approves the books--but we can't indicate why we are  
releasing it--what our problem is, like E's sidebars, that maybe someone else 
 can fix. We can post here, and that's how I find books that I can take and  
fix--though at the moment I have my 5 and besides, I have no interest in a  
culinary book. smile If no one has taken by 4th Godfather book by the time I  
finish the books I have, I'll take it, though I have no idea when that will  
be--and the one that Jim released because of the quotes sounds interesting to  
from the title--though I have been sadly mistaken before. smile. But once I  
agree to take a book I keep it, no matter
what. I've validated several  books at which I've winced while validating, 
and shook my head, and also one  which almost made me physically ill at one 
point--but it was edifying  (definitely Adult and not in a titillating way).

Well, I guess those  last comments are beside the point. Maybe the solution 
for putting commments  when we release books is to reject the book with a note 
to Carrie in the  comments section that we really want to release it for 
someone else, either  someone who has eyes or who wouldn't mind reading the 
and would she  please out it back on the download list with such a note in the 
comments  section.


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