[bksvol-discuss] books on esoteric or small audience subjects

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  • Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2008 02:20:38 -0500

I am noticing a pattern on step 1. Before I smolder quietly and the problem gets worse I want to say something.

If you submit a nonfiction book, please know you may need to fix it up with extra care. This is particularly true if the nonfiction subject is one where only a small audience will be interested. We have a larger pool of submitters than we do of validators. At least, it seems that way. It takes a long time to validate a book carefully compared to the time it takes to just scan a book.

If you scan a book which is not only nonfiction but appeals to a particular small segment of bookshare's validators, it may take a long time to get it off of step 1. If the book is less than excellent it will take even longer to validate. Those of you who think you can give a book an excellent rating when it is far from excellent have learned to your sorrow that validators simply will put it back once they realize the amount of work it will take.
Examples of such books include, but are not limited to:

obscure parts of history, particular religious subjects, or technical books.

please please spell check. If your book contains a lot of foreign words, please try to spell check.

In all cases if you suspect the book may be hard for somebody to locate in print, please please leave an email address. Then if pages are missing, you can help provide them. E.
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