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IF it is a book that has been there for a while definitely take it and work
on it. From all I know about you, you do good work and a good book made
available is better than seeing it rejected. 

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Now I don't know whether to take you seriously or not
(smile). An earlier email from you said the same about
Out of Body, which I now have from the library, but
your second on that subject said it was a real mess
and maybe not worth saving. It is comparatively short,
 though, and is a suspense novel, that I know people
like, so I probably will do it.

My library does have Shameless Exploitation
available--unfortunately, I didn't read my mail before
going this afternoon.

So--with all the discussion about keeping books from
the download list and renewing them, should I take it
now, assuming nobody else wants it, or should I leave
it up there until I'm ready for it? I've been taking
things that are a mess and renewing them because I
don't want them rejected, and this sounds like one
that should not be rejected -- and one that probably,
if anybody else takes, they'll either reject or
release, and if I take no one will miss for a while.

Opinions wanted, please.


--- "E." <thoth93@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I went over Shameless Exploitation In Pursuit of the
> Common Good by Paul 
> Newman.  Someone needs a print copy here.  There
> seem to be sections of 
> junk characters which I do not understand.  They may
> or may not be 
> pictures.  Also there seem to be recipes and a print
> copy would really help 
> here.
> Cindy this one may have your name on it.  It is in
> txt format so pages will 
> have to be protected by inserting appropriate page
> breaks too.  Some are 
> certainly missing.  The stripper would have a
> fieldday with this on in its 
> present form.
> E.

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