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Hi, Kim here. You can reset the BrailleNote. There are different ways of
doing that, but I prefer to take out any cards from their slots to be on the
safe side. I hit the reset button if the Braille display has frozen and
nothing is moving. After I hit the reset button and the BrailleNote returns
to the main menu, I put my cards back in their slots. With regard to Amber's
problem, have you gone into the options menu and gone into Braille options?
If you do so, you can change your Braille grade settings. Of course, if
you've had a BrailleNote for some time, you probably know that and I don't
wish to presume anything. You may already have tried to change your Braille
settings without success, which is no doubt why you're asking. Is there any
way I could converse with you because I could find out what you did and I
might have a better idea of your situation. Of course, there is the
possibility I might not know a thing. However it is, you do have my sympathy
for what it's worth. I suppose calling tech support might be something to
consider if all else fails. Take care and I hope that situation gets
straightened out. Regards, Kim aka Ellinder. 


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Canyou do a reset on your Braillenote? With the Pac mate, I can do what is
called a warm reset. I don't lose data, but it just refreshes the Pac mate's
memory. When I have this problem, doing a warm reset fixes it.


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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] a problem with a .rtf file

I have figured out how to open the .rtf file on my Braille Note and text
shows up now.  Now my problem is I worked on the file for a while and saved
it on my compact flash card.  I then removed the card and did something else
with that slot.  when I put the card back in, I am able to see the file, and
open it, but it shows up in Grade 1 Braille with computer Braille for the
punctuation marks.  When I open the file, I told it to review the options
and told it to open it in Braille and then nothing shows up.  Does anyone
know what's going on?
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