[bksvol-discuss] Re: a numbers update on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Well, that's good!  There's one written (not printed or italicized but written) 
spell that I missed, but the surrounding text explains what it is.  I've 
finished cleaning the book up, will submit it later today.

Allison Mervis <allisonfm@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
There really aren't that many. Those that I do find don't interfere with the 
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I am reading the book and not noticing that may strange characters.  
However, I have to admit that I am allowing the Braille Note to read it to me 
most of the time since it is faster.  

Rose Combs

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First, I need to apologize for the garbage in the new Harry Potter book.  I 
tried to clean it up, but Gustavo said that there were a lot of people waiting 
for it, so I quick submitted it so he could approve it.  I'm planning on making 
the copy pretty and re-submitting it this weekend, so it'll be better looking.
Second, I got an email from someone in Argentina BEGGING me for a copy of the 
book.  He swore he wouldn't print it or pass it on to anyone else.  Yeah right! 
 He is clearly well-educated, uses excellent English, but has no money for the 
book?  Give me a break.  Since only members can see my name as the submitter, a 
member must have shown him accidentally (or intentionally?) my name and email 
address.  No, I'm not sending him a response of any sort, and I suggest that 
everyone else do the same if you get similar emails.  My 2 cents.  [BTW, 
Gustavo checked his name, and he's not a member.]
Third, hi to everyone.  Gustavo just put me back on the list today.  Anything 
happen while I was gone the past month?

Mike Pietruk <pietruk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Those of you who are surprised at the "260" number are forgetting 
Sure, a whole bunch of people considered important to read HP6 on day one;
many others don't.
Secondly, even if someone viewed it essential first day reading, they had 
to know that Bookshare had it on day one.
As most subscribers are cassual rather than inveterate users, they were 
(and probably still are not) aware of the availability.
I believe that either Janice or Gustavo last week mentioed that BookShare 
has around 3,000 active user accounts;
given that as a baseline, 260 in a little over a day represents nearly 10% 
which is an amazing number to retrieve anything.

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