[bksvol-discuss] Re: a numbers update on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Hi, Carrie. If I understand correctly, the DAISY books do have accessible page 
numbers because of the tags, but those of us who use .brf or those of us who 
might download a DAISY book and convert it to something else lose those tags 
and therefore have no access to page numbers. Most of the time, that doesn't 
bother me, as I read mostly for pleasure, but on those occasions where it's not 
pleasure reading and I need to know what the page numbers are, I'm out of luck. 
Take care.
Julie Morales
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  Hi Kasondra,

  Sure, I'll try.  I put a page number at the bottom of every page of HP, and 
as I recall, they were still there in the DAISY copy.  I just got 2 more 
acceptance emails about HP, so Gustavo has been working on the problem this 
afternoon.  Could you please download HP and see if its page numbers are all 
right, and if the chapter titles are there?  Page one (the 13th page of the 
book) should be titled 'Chapter One: The Other Minister', and there should be a 
1 at the bottom of the page. [I'd check myself, but being sighted, I'm not 
allowed to download books, and I'm at my home instead of the Bookshare office 
right now.]

  Thanks! Carrie

  Kasondra payne <Kassyp36@xxxxxxx> wrote:


    If it's not too much trouble, can you see what it would take to keep 
accurate page numbers as well?  When I read that book, the page numbers were 
never there to tell me exactly what page I was on.  It confused my husband and 
I so much.  Please help!


    Kasondra Payne

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