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Hay, Chella, if you'd send it me, I'll scan it 4 u & u can proof
it--wutcha think?

On 9/3/09, gwen tweedy <gstweedy@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sorry for your troubles bless your heart tight hugs.
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>   Hey all I cannot scan this book my mom gave me because my scanner's glass
> keeps tilting downward, and whenever I scan in general as of this writing, I
> get frustrated because when it scans the book in the condition it is in, I'm
> noting that the glass rises from being a decline on a hill metaphorically
> speaking, to being actually level, but it still goes downward right after
> the scan is done, thus not making an accurate recognition, time to buy a
> scanner, to which I can't afford, using K1000 and would love to get the
> Optic plus 3600, but I have to wait for DOR to ok my plan, so I can reapply
> for their services, so until then, I cannot do anything about this problem
> I'm having, my mom would like me to read this book, it is just making it
> available is a problem, since my scanner is not being my friend right now.
> So I'm going to request this in hopes someone could get it for me, it is the
> one that is a revised version, can't seem to find it, but here it is: Love
> Revolution: Rediscovering the Lost Command of Jesus by Gaylord Enns
>   Get ready! Love Revolution will rock your world. With its story-telling
> style, it gently pulls you in-but by the time you finish the last chapter,
> chances
>   are you will be part of this revolution.
>   This revolution will take you full circle back to JESUS, the author and
> finisher of the Christian faith. While JESUS taught us many things, He
> commanded
>   us one thing. This book is about that one thing, its tragic loss, and the
> imperative of its full recovery.
>   This is a book with a message you can't afford to miss-one you'll want to
> recommend to your friends!
>   Wanted to find it in PDF.
>   Sorry for the rants, I am just upset right now, Hugs, Chela
>   PS. Thanks to all who keep going on with the scannings and proofings, you
> do an excellent job.
>   Email: cdrobles693@xxxxxxxxx
>   Messenger: cdrobles693@xxxxxxxxxxx

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