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I am scanning your book and it is very difficult. I am trying to scan it one 
page at a time b/c 2 at once wasn't working. It is taking a long time and I 
have to delete a column on each page. I can't open the book wide enough to do 2 
pages at a time. DO you need this book or can someone else scan this for you? 
I've done 150 pages and it doesn't even look like I have put a dent in it as 
they say. what would you like me to do? Would someone else like this book?  It 
is not my nature to quit on a book but this one is a pain. Do you really need 
this book and if so can someone else please try to take it? Thank you

kelby carlson <kelbycarlson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: Dear Booksharians,

I am going to be doing a report/speech on fanaticism, extremism, 
and terrorism in the U.S.  I need to do some research for this 
report, and was wondering if any of the following could be 

  Nazis, Communists, Klansmen, and Others on the Fringe: 
Political Extremism in America by John George, and Laird Wilcox.

The Farrakhan Phenomenon: Race, Reaction, and the Paranoid Style 
in American Politics by Robert Singh.  Harvest of Rage: Why 
Oklahoma City Is Only the Beginning by Joel Dyer

The Politics of Unreason: Right Wing Extremism in America, 
1790-1970 by Seymour Martin Lipset, Earl Raab.


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