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Hi everyone another wishlist request, smile.

The Mercy Papers: A Memoir of Three Weeks - by Robin Romm
Publisher: Scribner
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Pub Date: 01/06/2009
ISBN-13: 9781416567882
ISBN-10: 1416567887
When Robin Romm was just 19 years old, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after a brave nine-year battle, Romm's mother succumbed to the disease. In The Mercy Papers, Romm poignantly records the final three weeks of her mother's life, during which Romm struggled to cope with the impending reality of her mother's death as well as with more mundane challenges like handling unruly pets and dealing with her mother's hospice nurse. If you've ever cared for a loved one during his or her last days, pick up this piercing memoir, which The New York Times calls a "furious blaze of a book."

Shelley L. Rhodes, M.A., VRT
And Guinevere: retired Guide Dog
Guide Dogs for the Blind
Alumni Association

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