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In a different but related vein, I recently noticed that a book that I recently 
validated and that was already in the collection (I don't remember it being 
listed as BSO when I validated it and I think I checked the catalog and didn't 
find it).  The copy I validated has the title From Good to Great by James 
Collins.  The copy that was already there had the subtitle added to the title 
and no From, so it is Good to Great, Why some companies make the leap and 
others do not.  I'm pretty sure these are the same book.  Since I am not a 
member I cannot check which might be the better copy, but the official rating 
of the older copy says Good and I am sure mine is excellent *grin*.  Any 
suggestions what to do...


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Monica mentioned this earlier this month but here is an example of one that 
slipped through with a degree in the author's name, and as a result, shows up 
as a separate author:
Books by B.s.M
Here is a list of our books by "B.s.M". There is 1 book by this author in our 
These are books 1 through 1 of 1. 

What To Expect the First Year, Second Editionby Heidi Murkoff, Arlene 
Eisenberg, Sandee Hathaway, B.s.M

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