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Grandma Cindy says the other copy is much shorter and that I accidentally added 
From to 
the title.  So apparently I created some of the confusion myself.  But, the 
difference in 
number of pages is likely because I preserved as much of the appendices and 
index as I 
could without it taking a year to validate.  So, I am pretty sure mine is a 
better copy of the 
book, but I guess I will have to email John Glass to let the staff know about 
the title mistake 
and the two versions.

My name is actually Michael, but since there are other Mikes/Michaels on the 
list, I figured 
Misha would be more distinctive.  I took Russian in college and still have some 
friends from 
back then that call me Misha because of that.  Actually, my father's parents 
came to the US 
from Czechoslovakia and my mother's parents came from Poland.


> Hi Misha, 
> Let me check out the one in the collection. If it has significant errors, I 
> would recommend that you 
> put bso in the title and submit, explaining in the comments field. I'll write 
> and let you know. 
> Btw, are you Russian, or do you speak Russian? I ask because you go by Misha. 
> Kellie 

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