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Thanks, I'll try it but for now I finally go rft and the same way/route I used 
will give me doc. as another choice and "word compatible" in word perfect works 
as word and rtf  works with word pad so I know have an abundance of choices so 
even if I don't get to keep Kurzweil I will still be able to validate books.

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  A bog thank you to Amy and Cindy for the information you gave me.
  Amy my guess is that you can scan  them in Kursweil and sa click save as then 
under file tipe scroll down to doc which is word document and then under "save 
in" click my ducuments so it will save it as a word document on your hard drive 
not using Kursweil It will takke a few seconds to convert it from Kes to DOC 
and then it should save. Let me know if it woks. Good luck.

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