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Some of you will recall that when I first started scanning books for 
Bookshare I was looking around for something to scan and found an old mass 
paperback that was published in 1963. Scanning it turned out to be an 
impossible task. Since then I have scanned and submitted several hardcover and 
trade paperbacks and learned some techniques for scanning. One of those 
experiences was a trade paperback that was turning out terrible, but when I 
one page at a time and checked each page before going on to the next one I 
was able to rescan the difficult pages as I came to them and some of them I 
rescanned over and over before I got it right, but I finally did get it 
right. Since that time I have adopted the one page at a time method for all my 
scans. I remember that even though that book was a trade paperback the pages 
felt like they might have been made of mass market quality paper and that 
might have been the problem. Anyway, now that I have some experience behind me 
I have laid my hands on several older used mass market paperbacks and I 
have been experimenting with them. So far I have found only one page that 
scanned perfectly. Other pages have numerous errors throughout them, but I 
they can be repaired. Still other pages scan nothing but garble and remain 
garble no matter how many times I rescan them. I had someone with sight take 
a look at them to see if there was a difference and I was told that they 
looked pretty much the same except that the pages that would not cooperate at 
all might have slightly more age darkened paper. Since the variation occurs 
in the same book I would hate to start scanning a book that started out okay 
and then get to the middle of it and find out that I could not continue. If 
I do scan one in its entirety I want to assure myself that I can correct any 
difficult pages and finish the job, so I want to experiment some more 
before I start. Does anyone have any advice on scanning an older mass market 
paperback? I am using Open Book 6.0.

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