[bksvol-discuss] Re: Revenge of the Middle-Aged woman by Elizabeth Bushan

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Hi, Julie.  That's what I figured.  Thanks.  <smiles>


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> Hi, Lisa. I don't think you're anything. I've had that happen to me with
> books lately, and I rejected both of them. Both of them showed a size of
> only 1 byte. Something was definitely corrupted somewhere somehow! *smile*
> You really have no choice but to reject it, I wouldn't think. Take care.
> Julie Morales
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> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Revenge of the Middle-Aged woman by Elizabeth
> Bushan
> Hi, all.  I recently downloaded this book for validation.  the web site
> it is an ARK file, but when I unzip it and it opens in Openbook, there's
> nothing there, Openbook says "No Pages", and when I try to close the
> without saving, it tells me some changes won't be saved if I use this
> format.  I also tried saving this file as an MS Word document after
> it up in Openbook, but the Word document was blank and was only a few
> long.  I've never had this problem when unzipping an Arkenstone file.
> Should I release this book and download it again, or should I reject it
> say the files are missing or corrupted?
> Thanks for any suggestions.  You guys probably think I'm some kind of
> computer dork, LOL!
> Lisa
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