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  • Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2010 16:02:41 -0500

Scott, I'm only going to pick one book because the book I want to pick is
one I wanted to scan but it's so long. I've had the physical book in my
hands for six weeks from the library (then I had to take it back) and I
really think it's do-able. I do not think the pictures have to be described.
It was a book that someone else asked if I would do and I said I would
consider it after I could look at it. I would still do it except that it's
over 1200 pages long.  I even briefly considered buying it and mailing it to
Carrie to run through the high speed scanner but even used copies are over
$20 plus shipping.

The book is:

Random House Webster's Unabridged American Sign Language Dictionary
by Elaine Costello

and the ISBN is:


There are many of these books by her and one is in the collection, so if
you're in doubt about whether the pictures need described, take a look at
the one in the collection:


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