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Hi, Lori.

Been there, done that. <smiles> The first time I got that message I was a little freaked out because I thought the file was illegal or corrupted or something.

I think all of the RTF files are considered read only when they're opened for the first time.

All you need to do to fix the problem is to save the file in another place once you've unzipped the file in MS word and have verified that the file is complete, you can use the save as option under the file menu. You can shift+tab to find a list of drives and folders on your PC in which to save the file. I have mine in the main My documents folder, which is in a sub folder called Books to Validate. This way I always know what I'm working on and can find the document easier.

Hope this helps.


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Hello, I downloaded Lessi's Book "Celebrate". I did so because I am wanting to validate in word rather than in Openbook, and I thought this short file would be a way to get started. however, this is a read-only file and I don't find any option to change from read-only to allow me to edit and save the changed file.

If someone could tell me how to change a .rft file from read-only to edit, I would appreciate it.

Otherwise, I'll just release the book in the morning.

I have been validating books in openbook, but frankly after having to reject three books in that format I would like to validate .rft files. I understand that I should be able to edit .rft files with Openbook, but attempting that hasn't worked so well for me either. Maybe I should stick to simply submitting books.

Cat Lover Lori

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