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Guide dogs must be picked up by cabs, allowed on all public transportation and must be served in all, repeat all, businesses. This is federal state and city law. A cab driver personally can however refuse to pick up a passenger if he can prove, repeat prove, he has something such as a dog alergy. Sometimes, people do call ahead and let a cab company know they are traveling with guide dogs if the particular driver is not to be assigned to a call but basically this is a courtesy the blind person is doing the cab company in my experience.

I have partnered with guide dogs for over thirty years and have extensive experience with cabs trying to get out of picking up blind patrons accompanied by dogs. Go to the Taxi Limousine Commission, the police or anyone else who has authority over the people involved. You have the right to be served in this country by any business. Be courtesious of course while knowing your right as a blind comsumer accompanied by a dog guide.


At 11:09 PM 10/14/2006, you wrote:
Hello all,

I have a question for anyone who owns a guide dog. I don't own a dog myself, so am not aware of the pereimeters of the law.

A little background info first. Where I live we have a service here that allows for the reservation of a van ride to all people with a legitimate disability. With our service, when the van can't make it, or is running behind in schedule, the company sends out a dispatch to a partnered cab service. From there, the cab will be dispatched to pick up the person.

Well, a friend of mine who owns a cutey black lab was waiting for her ride. A cab drove up and immediately began to make a fuss. He claimed that he was fearful of dogs, and so on and so on. My friend is usually the most amiable of people, but this day she got very upset by this driver's attitude. He eventually took her to where she needed to go, but continued to make a big deal out of it.

I would like to know, for my own personal information, about the extent of the law when concerning where guide dogs can go. For example, with this cab situation, could the driver have legally refused my friend? Is there any situations where guide dogs can't be admitted?

Again, I don't own a guide dog, but I would really like to know. Most of my friends that have dogs and have situations like this happen to them choose to shrug it off and forget about it. They claim it's not worth the hassle to pursue the matter.

Thanks for anyone who can respond to my question.

Natalie B.

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