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Hi Jamie!

Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble,
In the caldren, boil and bubble!

Isn't that from a fairy tale?  Hansel and Grettle, perhaps?

I must be getting punchy due to the late hour, (smile).

Yes, we hear the boiling sound.

I had a very cool experience recently, so, I know what boiling water would feel like cool. We got some food from Omaha Steaks delivered about two months ago. They pack it in a cooler with dry ice. Bruce, being the scientist that he is, (he majored in physics education as an undergrad), he put the chunk of dry ice in a bowl and ran warm water over it to cover. That thing "boiled" cooly. I mean the temperature of the water was bathwater warm, but the sound was a rolling boil and when I put my hand in the water, it was bubbling wildly, so that is how I know what a boil would feel like in a literally cool way. It really fogged the dry ice, Bruce said. I bet that is how the foley artists made boiling sounds when the mad scientist was working in his lab or the witch was making her brew.


At 02:21 AM 1/1/2010, Jamie Yates, CPhT wrote
Ok, call me curious and one of those dumb people who ask dumb questions. Now I have to know, how do you know when the water is boiling. I KNOW you don't touch it to see. Is it something you can hear?

And now I am going to go to bed (back to bed, I should say). I want to bring my number of books added to the collection up to a round 800 in 2010. (I have 617 that I've scanned so far in the past 3 years).

So I need to scan a book about every other day.

Jamie in Michigan

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