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Hi Valerie!

I love a good story, so please share, (smile).

Speaking of not knowing how to cook spaghetti, there is a scene in the book "Evans to Betsy" by Rhys Bowen where he is cooking dinner for his girlfriend who will be there shortly. She has been teasing him about leaving the bording house he had lived in for years to get an apartment to be on his own. She has razzed him long enough about not knowing how to cook, so he is going to impress her with a lovely spaghetti dinner. He puts one package of spaghetti in the pot of boiling water and thinks, "Oh, that's not enough.", so he dumps in another package, and spaghetti was overflowing the pot and becoming quite a mess. He didn't read the directions either.

I read this as an NLS talking book. I just checked Bookshare, and it is there. I like Rhys Bowen's style of writing. She mixes humor with a compelling and intriguing page turner of a mystery.


At 01:51 AM 1/1/2010, Valerie Maples wrote
The cornbread is to die for, for sure! Simple recipe and one day I will share my amusing story of trial and error... lots of error!

Oh, I know how to boil water, Maurice did not, nor follow package directions. Not near enough water, did not listen about timer starting with second boil and not really watching time. Quite amusing, but thankfully we averted disaster. Yummy tuna salad, a family comfort food!

Sweet food dreams everyone!

On Jan 1, 2010, at 1:39 AM, Kim Friedman wrote:

Hi, Valerie, unfair! unfair! here I am in California and I can't try this scrumptious-sounding cornbread. Anyhow, Valerie, I do know how to do pasta. It really depends on the type you're making, i.e., if you have fresh noodles you've bought or made yourself, or if they are dry pasta. The key is to have a nice pot with a sufficiency of water and do not, repeat, do not put the pasta in the pot until you're sure the water is boiling. You want there to be enough salt in the pot so you can sort of taste it, but not to where it's overpowering. Once your pasta is in, you stir it just so it's submerged in the water and isn't sticking to the bottom. You don't stir it all the time, just a little bit at first. Fresh noodles take from 1-1/2 to 3 minutes, or more, depending on the type, dry pasta may take ten to twelve minutes (or less if you're making very thin pasta). The way to tell your pasta is done is to take a noodle and bite into it. If the pasta tastes cooked all through and is toothsome, what the Italians call al dente, then you have some nice pasta. Once you're pasta is al dente, take it out and drain it in a colander set over a bowl or sink. (Do the former if you are using the pasta water to moisten your noodles (very useful when you add simple sauces like olive oil and garlic, pesto, and the like. Regards, Kim.

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That makes two of us, Jamie! I could eat pizza every night, but unfortunately, my husband can't, and he always only likes the meat pizzas. Every once in a while I like to break loose and get the works or something on conventional. I guess I never even dreamed about ordering out on New Year's Eve, but we did do a weekends worth of cooking today. We made a large kettle of a simplified version of my mom's pasta tuna salad as well as another large pot of chili. I was going to make some spaghetti as well, but Doug's aide was helping me, and it turns out he didn't know how to boil water for noodles, so the tuna salad took a lot longer than expected. Who would've thought? He is a cook at his house, so I just figured he knew how to boil noodles. Go figure?

Tomorrow it is black-eyed peas and if I am really lucky I will have some white cornmeal and some bacon grease in the refrigerator to make Doug's mom's famous southern cornbread. Absolutely can't be beat!


On Dec 31, 2009, at 11:55 PM, Jamie Yates, CPhT wrote:

No fair! I tried to get pizza tonight on my way home from work (yes, Valerie, I am a pizza addict). the first place was open but not taking any more orders. The second place, closed. Third place, closed. Fourth place, closed! All before midnight! Don't these people know it's New Year's Eve and we want food? Even McDonalds was closed. So not fair.

Jamie in Michigan

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